Wednesday, September 26, 2007

About the Book

Discover Real Estate Trade Secrets Used By The Pro’s

“Get The Best Deal When Selling Your Home, San Francisco Bay Area Edition” Pete Sabine, Ken Deshaies; co-authors.

The contents of this real estate resource book include:

Selling Your Home: The Basic
1. Going it alone
2. Using a Real Estate Agent
3. The Role of the Internet
4. How Much is Your Home Really Worth?
5. Selling Your Home in an Up or Down Market
6. Pre-Sale Preparation
7. Screening Prospective Buyers
8. You Have Received Offers…Now What?
9. Preparing for Uncle Sam
Buying Your Next Home
1. Play the Field and Lose the Game
2. Lender Contracts
3. Loan Abuses
4. Finding Your Next Home
1. Glossary
2. Home Preparation Checklist
3. Moving Checklist

Visit to purchase the ebook for only $1.99 or the soft cover book for $8.95 plus shipping and handling.

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