Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Real Estate Book: Question for Chapter 5-Selling Your Home in an Up or Down Market

Q: My husband accepted a new position and we need to relocate and sell our home ASAP. I’ve interviewed 3 agents and want to use the agent who recommended the highest listing price.
Is listing our home at the highest price possible going to benefit us?
After all, we need to get every penny out of our home to help us purchase our new one.

A: Beware of some agents who will “buy” your listing by recommending a list price that is significantly higher than other agents competing for the listing.
Realtors use the same source for real estate sales data to determine the range of fair market value for a property. If you interview three or more seasoned agents who are familiar with local real estate values and market conditions, there should not be a wide variation of recommended list prices between them.

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